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    Graduate Assistant - Coach Track & Field

    This graduate assistant will assist the men's and women's track and field coaching staff with (1.) coaching duties under the oversight of the head men's and women's track and field coach, depending on the experience of the graduate assistant; (2.) on and off campus recruiting duties – including on campus tours; and, (3.) other duties assigned by the head coach. Graduate students interested in this position should have a working knowledge of intercollegiate athletics, with previous playing experience or experience as a student-worker in athletics being desirable.

    This graduate assistantship will benefit those pursuing advanced degrees in business and education, providing experiential learning experiences in the area of leadership and education. Through coaching the sport the student will gain knowledge of the sport and how to articulate and guide athletes through training, practices and competition. In addition the graduate assistant will learn the administrative responsibilities of a head coach, strategies to recruitment and retention and the level of support provided outside of sport.

    The graduate assistant will be instrumental in improving the overall student-athlete experience. With increased contacts with coaches comes additional resources and support for our student-athletes. This is not only for improvement in their sport or for a competitive edge but also in the area of personal and professional areas that will impact their success when they graduate.

    The position is very immersive in the sport. The graduate assistant will help practice plan, facilitate practices, prepare for competitions and be an active contributor on the sideline during competitions. In addition, they will be expected play a role in the recruitment of athletes, including identifying good fits for our program, having conversations with recruits and tours. The graduate assistant will be expected to be an active and engaged member of the department and will be included in departmental initiatives.

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